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Friday, June 24, 2011 | 12:18:00 PM | 0 comments
She had a boyfriend , she grew up with him , to her , he is the only one , the most importanat and precious .But to him she was only another girl .
Girl : hey , wanna watch a movie ? 
Guy : I cant 
Girl : Why ? Are you need to study or being to be somewhere ?
Guy :Im meeting up with a friend

It was always like that , he meet up with others girl infront of her , and act like nothing , The word love never come's out from his mouth only her . Every since they known each other , she never heard the word 'ILOVEYOU' from him before , Everyday before they say goodbye , he would just hand her a doll everyday without fail , She even didnt know why . Then one day , 

Girl : I Love You 
Guy : Erm , you ,, what ? just take this doll and go back home 

That's how he ignored the three word and handed her a doll . The dolls she received from him everyday filled her room one by one , There were many . Then one day come , her 15th year old birthday ., when she got up in the morning , she look a picture party with him , She stranded in her room and wait for his call , 

But , lunch passes , dinner passes , and soon the sky was dark , he still didnt call , It was already tiring  to look at the phone anymore,  Then around 2am ,in the morning , he suddenly called , and she woke up from her sleep .
He told her to go outide of her house , she was so excited , 

Guy : here take this 

* And again , he handed her a little cute doll , *

Girl : what's this ? 
Guy : i didnt give it you yesterday so im giving you now , Im going home , bye 
Girl : Jake , do you know what 's day was today ? 
Guy : Today ? what about it ? 

Her heart sank , she thought he would remember her birthday . He turned around and walked like nothing happen . She collapsed on the ground and start crying , How could he , maybe he's not the right guy for her , 

After that day , she stranded herself at home and crying ,but , he just countinued giving him a doll in the morning infront of her house , That's how the dolls filled up in her room everday , After a month , she got to go to school . But what made the pain is , she saw him with other girl . , And he had a smile on his face , one that he never showed to her , as he touched the doll, She ran straight to home and looked all the dolls in her room  , Why did he give this to her , Those doll a probably  picked out by some other girl , In a fit anger she  threw the doll around , Then the phone rang , It was him , He told her to come out and go at the bus stop , she try to calmed herself down and walked to the bus stop . He was holding a BIG DOLL .

 Guy : there you are , i thought you were upset and never want to meet me up , 

 *Soon he held out the doll as usual* 

Girl :  I dont need it !
Guy : But why ? 

She grabbed the doll from his hand and throw it at the road , 

Girl : I dont need this doll !I dont need it anymore!I dont want to see a person like you ever again !

But unlike any other day , his eyes were shaking , ' Im sorry' He appologized in a tiny and shaking voice . 
Then he walked over the road to pick up the doll

Girl : You're stupid ! Just leave the doll , throw it away!

But he ignored her and ~ Honk honk ~
With the loud honks , the big trucks was heading toward him , 

 Girl : Jake ! Move away ! Move away !!!

She shouted as loud  as she could , he stood up and look her with sad eye , 

The sound was terrifying , she screamed and cried , but nothing could bring him back , No matter how much she wished that she could take back the word that she said to him , she couldnt . And thats how he went away from her , 
After spending two months like a crazy people , she took out all the dolls he give , she counts ' one .. twoo .. three . ' Thats how she start counting the dolls , 'Four hundred and eighty four , four hundred and eighty five , 'It all ended with 485 dolls , She started to cry again , with a dolls in her arm and she hugged it tightly , suddenly , ~I love you , Ilove you~ She dropped the doll and shocked , She pcked up back the doll and pressed it stomach , ~I Love you , I love you~ It cant be ! she pressed all the stomach dolls,  ~ I love you , I love you , She took out the last dolls under the bed and pressed its stomach , its was the big dolls , the one that feel on the road , Its had his blood stain on it ,The voice that she missed one came out , 

' hun , Do you know what day today is ? We've been loving each other for 486 days . Urm , Since I was too shy , If you forgive me and take this doll , i will say that i love you , everyday till I die  , I love you 'The tears came flowing out of her , Why ? Why ? She asked God , she she knowed all of this now ? He can't be at her side , but he love's heruntil the last minute .For that , and for that reason , to her it became a courage , to live a beautiful life =')

                ---------------------------> THE END <---------------------------


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